Address Verification

Address Verification

We provide superior services in the field of address verification to our clients. The address verification service is a secure solution to stop fraud.

While the Address Verification Service corroborates the card user's records address, by matching the information provided by the user itself with the information contained in the bank's files, it simply partially identifies the cardholder.

The verification is normally carried out within the card authorization method and is done possibly through telephone authorization intended for Cardholder. Once the address checking has been done, it responds to the banks through a code.

Address verification is very important part of client security as it provides the full information about the authenticity and truth of the employee of any firm or company.

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Our Mission

To be consistent in providing superior verification services based on the requirements of the clients and improve the quality of services we provide i.e, Field investigation, Identity verification, Employment background screening, Address verification and many more.

Our Philosophy

We customize the verification process based on the requirements of the clients. We are also available to work with you to understand your needs, develop the skills and ramp up quickly to offer the outsourcing needs that your organization may require.