Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Identity Verification process involves identity and document verification submitted by the clients. We are a team of dedicated members who are expert in identity verification.

We execute all types of certificate and document verification, such as certificates of Service Tax and VAT, Shop establishment licenses, Employee pay slip, Photo ID proof, etc.

Our process involves Location Visit, Tele Verification, In- person interaction, etc. It is very important to maintain the authenticity of published documents which is checked in order that approvals can be issued with the guarantee of correct information.

This generally involves physical verification of documents with issuing regulators as well as certificates. In addition to this, we also carry out the academic / college record verification of the recently recruited employees.

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Our Mission

To be consistent in providing superior verification services based on the requirements of the clients and improve the quality of services we provide i.e, Field investigation, Identity verification, Employment background screening, Address verification and many more.

Our Philosophy

We customize the verification process based on the requirements of the clients. We are also available to work with you to understand your needs, develop the skills and ramp up quickly to offer the outsourcing needs that your organization may require.