KYC Solution

KYC Solution

KYC Solution includes the verification of KYC i.e, Know Your Customer.

The KYC process includes submitting and verifying documents that serve as your identity proofs. They mention your name, father's name, date of birth, address, and other essential details. KYC is a fundamental practice to protect your organization from fraud and losses resulting from illegal funds and transactions.

We ensure about the authenticity of employees with the KYC verification process who are employed in our client organisation.

The primary objective is to ensure that the deposits/investments are made in the name of a real person and not fictitious one. Know Your Customer procedure is something that all mutual fund investors have to adhere to via a KYC Registration Agency (KRA). We are focussed to provide quality background checks to the clients.

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Our Mission

To be consistent in providing superior verification services based on the requirements of the clients and improve the quality of services we provide i.e, Field investigation, Identity verification, Employment background screening, Address verification and many more.

Our Philosophy

We customize the verification process based on the requirements of the clients. We are also available to work with you to understand your needs, develop the skills and ramp up quickly to offer the outsourcing needs that your organization may require.